Senior Portraits by The Woodlands Photographer Jay Stevens

Jay Stevens is a photographer in The Woodlands, Tx with over 20 years experience. He has taken senior portraits for friends and family over the years but not offered them to the public. He really enjoys photographing seniors and is now booking senior shoots in The Woodlands.

So, here is the offer: $475 plus tax for the photo shoot and all of the full-sized digital files. If you want retouching on any of the images, the cost will be around $30 per shot—based on retouching rate of $120 per hour. The offer is for shoots outdoors in The Woodlands, Monday through Thursday.


Jay strongly recommends that you use a "real lab" instead of a store that happens to offer prints. HIs favorite is, which is the retail site for a professional lab that has been in business for 30+ years. He wants you to use a real lab so much that he will even upload the photos to mpix for you. He does not make any money from your purchases at mpix.


If you have questions or want to book a shoot, please email or text/call 713-480-1134.




• Do you offer senior portraits outside of The Woodlands? Yes, portraits taken anywhere in the Greater Houston Area (except The Woodlands) are $675 for shoot and all digitals.


• How many wardrobe changes are allowed with your current offer? Let's try to keep it to 3 or less for this offer.


• Do you do family portraits? Sorry, but no.


• Do you do individual portraits that are not seniors? Yes, same offers.